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Foam Cannon

Why Erased Products?

Growing up in the woods of Minnesota and the shores of Lake Michigan, our toys were our escape. Whether it was tearing through the woods on our dirtbikes, or catching fish with our families on Lake Michigan, we learned to appreciate a clean machine. We created Erased Products to keep our toys clean and protected for years of continued enjoyment. 

We put the same level of passion into our products as we do into our riding.

Quick, Easy, Powerful

Erased Products


Erased Products allows you to enjoy your toys not spend all day cleaning them! Our process cleans and protects making each wash easier and faster.


Developed to be a "TRUE CROSSOVER CLEANING PRODUCT." You do not need 15 different options...just a few good ones that get the job done!


Years of research allow us to produce formulas that are safe, non-corrosive, yet strong enough to handle anything you throw at them