10 Steps To Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New

10 Steps To Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New

We want to make cleaning your vehicles a breeze. Using Erased Products, we're able to keep our vehicles looking shiny all the time. Here's how you can keep yours looking fresh as well.

1. Rinse off your entire vehicle.

  • This step is very important! Make sure you loosen all the dirt, grime, or mud that's collected over your ride. you'll want to use some pressure on your vehicle here to help you out. 

2. Apply All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser.

  • Here you will spray down your rims, tires, wheel wells and anywhere else that picks up dust and dirt. We recommend using a brush to work this product in. If it's hot & sunny outside, make sure to work in sections so the products don't dry or bake on to your vehicle.

3. Rinse All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser.

  • Similar to the first step, make sure you remove all of the product. If possible, use a pressure washer.

4. Soap up your vehicle with the Super Soap.

  • This product is amazing on dirt and grime, but it won't strip important lubricants. If you have our Foam Cannon, this is the fun part. Make sure you soap up everything. If you don't have it yet, well, you're missing out.

5. While Soapy, scrub your vehicle with our Wash Mitt or microfiber.

  • The Wash Mitt will make this process much easier, so definitely check out that product. Scrub in a thorough manner.

6. Rinse off Super Soap.

  • Make sure all the soap is gone and that you washed the entire vehicle. 

7. Apply Rubber & Vinyl Spray to WET tires.

  • Before you start drying off your vehicle, make sure that you spray down the tires with our Rubber & Vinyl Spray. This will help seal them and give them that shiny look without a greasy film.

8. Dry vehicle with a microfiber towel.

  • You'll want to do steps 7&8 fairly fast as you don't want the sun to dry your vehicle first. Make sure you use a microfiber towel as well.

9. Apply Rubber & Vinyl to seats and plastics. 

  • This will help prevent them from cracking and drying out in the sun. This can really improve the longevity of your vehicles by protecting them from UV rays. It's like SPF 100 but for your vehicle.

10. Final Step! Apply Instant Detailer.

  • This product can be applied to all of your surfaces and gives it that beautiful shine. It will protect your surfaces from UV rays and water spots. Need I say more?

That's it! 10 steps to clean your vehicle. Now, go outside, clean your car, and show it off to all your friends. But stay 6 feet away!