Dirtbike Wash

Dirt Bike Wash

Products Used

Super Soap
All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser
Pressure Washer Foam Cannon
Metal Polish
Instant Detailer
Rubber + Vinyl Restorer


Step 1: Clean and Prep Surfaces
Before touching any of the plastics on our bike, we started by rinsing off as much mud and grime as possible with our pressure washer. Once the bulk of the stuck-on mud was removed we sprayed the engine with Erased Products All-purpose Cleaner and Degreaser to loosen up the oil and grime that have accumulated on our bike from seasons of poor cleaning practices.

Scrub and rinse to remove all-purpose cleaner before moving onto step 2
Step 2: Foam Cannon
We then loaded up our Pressure Washer Foam Cannon with 300ml of Erased Products Wash and Wax and coated the bike in a thick layer of soap to begin breaking down the stuck-on dirt, while simultaneously coating the bike in a layer of wax protecting against harmful UV-Rays.
Step 3: Agitate Dirt
Next, we took our wash mitt and began agitating the dirt and grime on our plastics, working from top to bottom while frequently rinsing our Wash Mitt, in order to remove dirt and prevent scratches.
Step 4: Rinse
We rinsed the bike with our pressure washer and re-cleaned any areas that needed further attention
Step 5: Instant Detail
After drying our bike with our microfiber drying towel. We began applying Erased Products Instant Detailer directly to the surface of the plastics to enrich, enhance, and protect. This will provide lasting protection against UV light & water spots while giving it a "just waxed" appearance.
Step 6: Rubber and Vinyl Restoration
We applied Erased Products Rubber and Vinyl directly to the seats and tires to restore a true black color without making them feel greasy.
Step 7: Shine Metal
After all dirt and grime is removed during our wash, we rubbed Erased Products Metal Polish into our exposed frame to restore its shine and give it a brand-new appearance.


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