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Pressure Washer Foam Cannon

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Take your cleaning to the new level.  Erased Products Power Washer Foam Cannon produces the perfect blend of water and soap giving you the best coverage possible.  Quick connect features cut down on cleaning time and make the process easy yet powerful.  

  • Connects to any 1/4" power washer attachment
  • Dial adjustment for foam control
  • Durable 

Customer Reviews

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It works great but...

Did I really need a foam cannon? No. However, the maverick give away was too good not to buy something. I have a lifted f250, I can't even reach the top of it. The foam cannon makes it easy to clean it, not to mention fun. I not only spray my truck with the foam cannon, but also my wife when she walks outside and asks why I'm cleaning my truck for the third time in one day. Then she tells me to wash her Jeep as the door slams from her walking back into the house. If I had an Apache attack helicopter, I'd trust this foam cannon cleaning it. However, my dreams of owning an Apache attack helicopter were trampled many years ago...I'll imagine that I'm cleaning a helicopter...that is actually my wife's Jeep and my truck with the foam cannon from Erased products. 5 stars.

Foam cannon

Works amazing, Awesome product


Very happy with the foam cannon and cleaning products I purchased


The pressure washer foam cannon came in great! The only issue is that it doesn’t connect to the pressure washer I have. I had to go out and buy 3 attachments to get it to connect properly. Other than that, the product is great. I would recommend it to others.

Foam canon

Great product good foam control and does not feel like its cheaply made

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